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Top Destination Wedding Locations in Mexico and the Caribbean

Melissa Manzo

Planning a wedding is a tall order. From the venue to the menu, there’s lots to think about. That’s why more and more Canadian couples are opting to melt some of their nuptial stresses away by heading to Mexico and the Caribbean to host their Big Day. If you are considering this attractive option, here are some destinations to get your wedding wheels turning.


Ahhh Mexico. Land of ancient ruins, chocolate and beautiful wedding locations. Providing a stunning backdrop, Cancun and Riviera Maya remain popular destination wedding picks not only for their white sand beaches, but for their expansive coral reef system and jungle surroundings. There are numerous activities to keep you and your guests busy: Explore ecological parks like Xcaret and Xel-Ha by day and hit the clubs of Cancun or Playa del Carmen by night. On Mexico’s Pacific side, Puerto Vallarta offers bay and mountain views, while Riviera Nayarit, a surfer’s paradise, is a great choice if you want to go off the beaten path.

When to host your wedding in Mexico: November to April is the busiest time of year; May to October is rainy season, with the most threatening hurricane months being September and October (though low season can mean less crowds and less expensive travel).


If you equate your future destination wedding with a relaxed island vibe, Jamaica’s definitely got that “don’t worry, be happy” kind of attitude. Montego Bay remains one of the most popular tourist areas of Jamaica for its friendly locals and vibrant nightlife. Negril is known for its rugged coastal cliffs and its famous Seven Mile Beach. The waterfalls of Ocho Rios, a former fishing village, are another draw for those considering a Jamaican wedding.

When to host your wedding in Jamaica: The temperature is most comfortable between October to December; January to March are very busy months; April to September is rainy season (which can mean less crowds and less expensive travel, though certain attractions may be closed).

Dominican Republic

If a beautiful beach ranks high on your destination wedding criteria, then you must consider Punta Cana, home to 35 continuous kilometres of white sand and said to have some of the best beaches in the Caribbean. If you prefer to steer clear of the crowds, you may want to look into the secluded, tropical rainforest location of Samana, or the luxury resort town of La Romana.


When to host your wedding in Dominican Republic: Peak tourist season is from December to February, as well as July and August. Rainy season is from May to October, with the most threatening hurricane months being August and September.


Barbados has a lot to offer beyond its sandy beaches. It is considered the culinary capital of the Caribbean, the birthplace of rum and has preserved much of its British influence in historic Bridgetown. Wedding locations here are unique and varied: besides resorts, you can choose to get married underwater in a luxury submarine or underground in Harrison’s Cave.


When to host your wedding in Barbados: High season is from December to mid-April; mid-April to June is when the temperature is most comfortable; July to November is “rainy season,” although storms rarely hit the island.


Cuba offers great value for money, making it a very attractive option for budget-conscious destination wedding seekers. Varadero and Cayo Coco are the most popular tourist areas for their pristine tropical scenery and crystal clear waters. Holguin is a nice alternative for its colonial and cultural charm. Combining African beats with Spanish-influenced guitar, the island’s music will only add to the charm of your Cuban wedding.


When to host your wedding in Cuba: Peak tourist season is from mid-December to mid-March, as well as July and August. Rainy season is from June to November, with the most threatening hurricane months being September and October.


Comprised of 700 islands and 2,400 cays, the Bahamas is synonymous with the deep blue sea. Exuma is home to 365 of those cays, offering unbeatable sea views and a quieter vibe than some of the neighbouring Bahamian islands. Nassau, on the other hand, has a busier pace, with upscale restaurants, casinos and duty-free shopping. Plus, its colonial days have left behind Victorian cathedrals and mansions that can act as a stunning architectural backdrop to any wedding.


When to host your wedding in Bahamas:High season is from December to February; March and April is spring break time (probably best to avoid if planning a wedding); May to November is the quietest time of year.

Costa Rica

Though Costa Rica is not part of the Caribbean, it is an essential destination to consider for a tropical wedding. Nature lovers will rejoice in this ecological playground. Its rainforests are ideal for activities like hiking, zip lining, horseback riding and waterfall rappelling. Surfing is another popular activity in beach towns like Tamarindo. For a more romantic setting, you can visit Arenal Hot Springs or La Fortuna Waterfall. Plus, the country abounds in flora, fauna and delicious food. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive experience, you may want to consider resorts in Liberia


When to host your wedding in Costa Rica: High season is from December to April; rainy (green) season is from May to November (though that can mean less crowds and less expensive travel).

Have an idea of where you want to say “I do” Then you’re ready for step two! Start exploring resorts that can accommodate your destination wedding.


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